24 Kasım 2017 IEEE AP/MTT/EMC/ED ODTÜ Seminer Duyurusu

24 November 2017 (13:40):  IEEE AP/MTT/EMC/ED Turkey Seminar Series (S.17)

Speakers: Barış DİNÇ (Technical Vice President – TAMSAT) and Burcu Aybak (General Secretery – TAMSAT)

Topic: “Details of a Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) Cubesat’s Subsystems”

Location: Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Abstract: LEO Satellites which are known as CubeSats; have very common usage to investigate the low orbit conditions for research applications of R&D companies; and the development of space technologies, from elementary schools to the universities. Technical experiments and valuable applications are possible in the space conditions. The tests can be started and the results are transferred to the earth by the use of telemetry transceivers in amateur communication bands, which are coordinated by International Amateur Radio Union. Depending to the communication bands; one can also use developed imaging methods to transfer the images of the tests back to earth. If one uses bigger satellites these operations may be very costly. In this presentation, TAMSAT will present the CubeSat satellite structures and the subsystems, orbit’s characteristics, satellite sizes, weights, and ground stations, single and constellation projects and minimum required boards in one CubeSat and the auxiliary boards or payloads will also be mentioned. Followers will also have, the knowledge of TAMSAT’s capabilities; past experiences and future projects.

Bio: Barış Dinç graduated from Ankara University Electronics Engineering Department in 1996. After working in many countries he returned to Turkey and started working for HAVELSAN A.Ş. in 2000. He worked as a system architect for e-goverment projects ( UYAP e-justice, Turkey Election System, land registry and cadastrate systems, Peace Eagle Airborne Early Warning System, City Surveillance and Border Security, mini drones and perimeter security, etc. ). In 2014 he started working in ONUR A.S. as an Engineering Manager and focused on Air Traffic Control Systems, Radio Over IP and IP Over Radio topics. He had master trials in Electronics, Informatics, Astronomy and Space Sciences. His interests are mainly focused on Radio Frequency communication and micro/pico satellites. He is a member and vice president of TAMSAT to spread information and educate young people for satellite technologies. He had these publications on this topics: Development of a LEO communication CubeSat (IEEE 2013), Distributed Light Weight Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 2015), Design and implementation of a wireless sensor network based Critical Infrastructure monitoring system  (IEEE 2016)

Bio: Burcu Aybak is currently working for Onur Mühendislik A.Ş. as Software Team Leader. She was graduated from Hacettepe University Mathematics Department in 2011. She started working for AKIN INC in 2008. She worked as a software engineer on Turkish Web Search Engine and Full Text Search Digital Library projects. In 2012 she started working in ONUR A.S. as a Software Engineer and focused on Air Traffic Control Systems, Radio Over IP and IP Over Radio topics. She is a master student in Computer Animation and Game Technologies, Hacettepe University. Her master thesis subject is A Serious Game Study To Teach Turkish Sign Language With Virtual Reality. Her interests are mainly focused on virtual reality, machine learning, robotics, Radio Frequency communication, micro/pico satellites. She is a member and general secretary of TAMSAT to learn and share technologies with all interested people.


TAMSAT - Sistem Mühendisliği Teknik Danışmanı Ankara

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